Multiverse Musings #3: News Roundup and Batman: TAS “Nothing to Fear” Review

October 7, 2017

On Episode 3 of Multiverse Musings, Adam Basciano and Jordan Valdés discuss:

Film News:

 - Joby Harold's Flashpoint script has been turned in

 - Geoff Johns and Diane Nelson discuss the state and future of DC live-action films

 - Teen Titans Go! theatrical film coming out on July 27, 2018

TV News:

 - Arrowverse "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover poster revealed

 - Amy Jackson cast in a recurring role as Saturn Girl on Supergirl S3

 - Tom Welling would be interested in appearing on The Flash

Batman: The Animated Series "Nothing to Fear" review

Listener Questions:

 - Sam J. Rizzo

 - Steven Maverick Marshall


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