Multiverse Musings #25: Batman: TAS “The Underdwellers” Review and News Roundup

March 7, 2018

On Episode 25 of Multiverse Musings, Adam Basciano and Jordan Valdés discuss:

Batman: The Animated Series "The Underdwellers" review

TV News:

 - April Bowlby cast as Elasti-Girl on Titans

 - Jake Michaels cast as Robotman on Titans

 - Iris West-Allen will temporarily suit up as a speedster on The Flash


Adam and Jordan then bring in special guest Mario-Francisco Robles from El Fanboy and Revenge of the Fans to talk about:

Film News:

 - Chantal Nong hired as VP of Production for DC Films

 - Joss Whedon leaves Batgirl

Listener Questions:

 - @DarthKnight91

 - @SwanSong632


 - @stebob1984

TV News:

 - First look at Blake Ritson as Braniac on Krypton released


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